We provide storage for:

    • Personal and household – personal storage moving, cars, antiques

    • Recreational vehicles – campers, trailers, motor homes, boats, ATVs

    • Commercial vehicles – transport trailers, trucks, equipment

    • Business records – file boxes, office equipment, fixtures

Looking for long-term storage?

New tenancies are eligible for a free month of storage upon a 12 month pre-payment. Contact the office for more info.

Monthly Rates (subject to 5% GST)
Price Typically fits…
5 X 6 ft Climate Controlled $75.00 Holiday decorations, home business storage (ie daycares), tool storage.
5 x 7 ft Climate Controlled $85.00
5 X 8 ft $85.00 Smaller furniture items
6 X 8 ft $95.00 About the size of a small shed. Good for patio furniture and other seasonal items.
8 X 10 ft $125.00 Fits an ATV
8 X 10 ft Climate Controlled $145.00 Fits the contents of a bachelor suite; fits a motorbike.
10 X 10 ft Climate Controlled $155.00 Ideal for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, including washer & dryer plus several boxes.
9 X 14 ft Climate Controlled $210.00
10 X 14 ft Climate Controlled $220.00
8 X 20 ft $220.00
9 X 20 ft Climate Controlled $230.00
10 X 20 ft Climate Controlled $240.00 This space is equivalent to a standard one door garage. Fits furnishings from a 2 bedroom home, or a collector car.

Unit sizes are approximate. All rates subject to GST. Rates subject to change.

Monthly Parking Rates (subject to 5% GST)
Size *length must include hitches, dollies, etc. Price
20 ft or less (garden trailers, quads): $60.00
30 ft or less (cars, trucks, boats etc):   $75.00
45 ft or less (RV’s, buses, motorhomes):   $95.00



We accept:




as well as E-transfer and post dated cheques. We can also charge your credit card automatically each month.